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Hi, I’m Jess!

I’m a freelance marketing professional who's traveling the United States with my laptop, my cat, and an excessive amount of house plants.


I specialize in helping small businesses get their voices heard through modern marketing services. Together, we create kick-ass marketing content that draws in customers and puts their business on the map.

Read on to learn how I got to where I am!



Before I Became a Freelance Marketing Professional...

I worked as the marketing manager for several small start-ups in New Hampshire and Boston.


I utilized my creative writing degree and my eye for design to launch new and improved digital marketing strategies at these small businesses. That included copywriting, web design, e-mail communication, social media marketing, anything else I could get my hands on.


Working for a bunch of different small businesses helped push me to grow my skillset and learn what I wanted to accomplish in my career.

Now That I am a Freelance Marketing Professional...

I want to work with as many small businesses as I can.


Over the years, I saw how my marketing strategies improved the start-ups I worked for, and I knew that I wanted to help others like them. I knew that I wanted to use my time wisely to work with as many small businesses as I could, like the mom & pop shop on the corner or the wonderful little cafe that nobody knows exists.

Having a good marketing strategy can turn a quiet, struggling company into a busy, successful business in the community. It’s all a matter of creating a strong voice that speaks louder than the rest.

My mission is to get these voices heard.

So I work with small businesses to create a marketing strategy that will get them the attention and business they deserve. 

Let’s work together to make your business shine.

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