Hi, I’m Jess!

I’m a freelance marketing professional. I work with small businesses who need help getting their voices heard. Together, we create kick-ass marketing content that draws in more customers and puts their business on the map.

If you want to learn more about my experience and why I created Jessica Ann Marketing to work with small businesses over large corporations, then keep reading!


Jessica Ann

Before I Became a Freelance Marketing Professional

I’ve been a writer my whole life, and in 2014 I set my sights on becoming a marketing professional. Over the past six years I’ve been the marketing manager at several small start-ups in New Hampshire and Boston, helping them grow their businesses with digital marketing strategies. 

Over the years I built up my resume by learning copywriting, web design, e-mail communication, social media marketing, and oh so much more. I made some mistakes along the way, like pushing a website live when it wasn’t ready and sending an email to an entire list without updating the merge tags – whoops! 


But I learned a lot from those mistakes. I mean, A LOT. They pushed me to grow and learn what not to do at times, which has helped me a lot throughout my career.

Now That I'm a Freelance Marketing Professional

Once I saw how my marketing skillset improved small start-ups, I knew that I wanted to help others like them. More specifically, I knew I didn’t want to work for large companies where I’d just make rich people more rich. Instead, I wanted to use my time wisely to work with as many small businesses as I could, like the mom & pop shop on the corner or the wonderful little cafe that nobody knows exists.

Having a good marketing strategy can turn a quiet, struggling company into a busy, successful business in the community. It’s all a matter of creating a strong voice that speaks louder than the rest.

My mission is to get these voices heard.

So I work with small businesses to improve (or create) their marketing strategy which will get them the attention and business they deserve. 

Whether you’re in my home state of NH or across the country, let’s work together to make your business shine.