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At Jessica Ann Marketing, I offer marketing help for small businesses who want to get their voices heard. As a freelance marketing professional, I primarily focus on writing and design, but feel free to reach out to me with whatever project you have in mind.

Together we'll create a kick-ass marketing strategy that’s right for your small business!


Your website is typically your audience’s first impression of your business, so you want it to be a good one. I’ll review your website and make any necessary revisions to ensure:

– You’re using a modern, user-friendly design that’s mobile optimized
– The content truly reflects your business’s mission and offerings
– It’s engaging and inspires visitors to take action (like visit your store, buy a product, etc)

To see examples of my work, click on any of the logos below.

Tipsy Tabby Logo copy.png
Contender Sports Group Logo.jpeg
Make Scents Logo.png


Having a strong social media presence is critical in today’s world. It gives you a great opportunity to connect with your community by sharing news that’s important to you and them. 

Some small businesses have a tough time keeping up with a consistent social media marketing schedule. Or sometimes they just don’t know what to share. 

Don’t worry. We’ll work together to create interesting, relevant content that will engage your current followers and attract new ones.

To see examples of my work, click on any of the logos below.

Sweet dreams bakery logo.jpg


Sending consistent e-mails to a subscriber list is important to every business. It gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with people visiting your website, and it keeps you top-of-mind when your email pops up in their inbox.


And I’m not talking about junk e-mails that will go straight to their spam. We can create interesting content that your subscribers can’t wait to read!


One of the best ways to stay relevant in your field is to consistently create content. Blogging lets you share your industry advice, news, and so much more. Writing about interesting topics that your audience cares about will draw in more web traffic and improve your online presence.

To see examples of my work, click on any of the logos below.



Whether you’re looking to create an online ad or a printed flyer – or anything in between – I’ve got you covered. I’ve got plenty of experience creating marketing materials for small businesses, so we can develop whatever it is you need to catch a customer’s eye.

Image by Clark Tibbs
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