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Booking a Tour in Denver? Here’s What You Need to Know

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This time of year is prime time for ghost tours, haunted sightings, and winter activities.

Denver, Colorado has an eerie history, thanks in part to the Prohibition Era, Cheesman Park, and the Molly Brown House.

There’s plenty of haunted happenings all year round, but the best time of year to do a tour in Denver is right now.

From booking the best tour, to what you need to bring, and the right clothes to wear, here’s what you need to know.

If you’re taking a tour through Denver, this is the ultimate guide for making the most of your excursion.

How to book a tour

If you’re interested in learning about Denver’s haunted history as a whole, then by all means, book whatever tour you’d like.

But if you want to learn about specific historical events or ghostly sightings like those in Cheesman Park, then book a tour in Capitol Hill.

Similarly, if you want to learn about the Prohibition Era history, you’ll want to book a tour in the downtown area—Denver’s former red-light district.

Do some research to find out what locations you want to see, and then book a tour that includes your top stops.

Find the best tour to book

When you first think about booking a tour you might think of a big crowd following one loud-mouth tour guide through the city streets, stopping every now and again outside various buildings.

But there are so many different types of tours in Denver to choose from, so you can easily find the one that’s right for you.

Want to learn about Denver’s haunted history while dining at popular restaurants? There’s a tour for that.

Want to sip on beer and wine in haunted pubs? There’s a tour for that.

Want to skip the walking tours and get chauffeured around the city? There’s a tour for that.

And remember, each tour is unique, so book more than one to learn all there is about Denver’s spooky history!

Wear the right clothing

If you’re going on a walking tour in Denver, it’s not the time to wear heels or brand-new boots.

Instead, opt for comfortable shoes that you’ll be okay walking in for a couple of hours.

You’ll likely stop at a few locations along the way, but expect to stand for quite a while as you take in the city’s spooky history.

Denver is also known for its ever-changing weather, so make sure to dress appropriately.

This means wearing lots of layers, bringing an umbrella, and preparing for cooler temperatures at night, or if a ghost walks by(!).

The same goes for booking a Jeep tour around the state. It’s important to wear comfortable clothes that can be taken off or put on depending on the weather or location.

Take lots of photos or videos

As you visit historical or haunted locations throughout the city, keep your eyes out for ghosts. But know that not all ghosts will appear to the naked eye.

It’s a good idea to take lots of photos and videos along the tour, just in case you miss something spooky at the moment.

And if your tour guide tells you about a particularly active ghost area, definitely snap a picture because you never know what you could see in it later.

Looking into a mirror, you might not see anything but your own reflection. Or you may see something you can’t explain, like the strange reflection of sorts.

Chat with your tour guide

Tour guides are tour guides for a reason—they love to share information. So, ask them to share!

Ask about any fun or eerie past experiences they have had on their tours. If they have been doing tours for a while, they probably have some great stories to tell.

Plus, they are usually a wealth of information related to historical events, sightings, and unique history.

Whether it’s about a guest seeing a ghost or creepy photos from past tours, you’ll be glad you asked!

Also ask about your tour guide’s own personal ghost stories. If your guide is a believer (which they most likely are), then they may have their own ghostly encounters to regale you with.

It may or may not have to do with Denver’s history, but it might be just as fascinating.

Fuel yourself before the tour

Make sure your body is ready for a long tour by fueling before the big day.

If you’re doing a lot of late-night walking, it’s a good idea to have some caffeine and a proper meal before heading out for a long stroll.

If you’re going on a haunted pub crawl, prep with a good, hearty meal beforehand and drink plenty of water.

As you stop at pubs along the way, it’s best to pace yourself and get lighter drinks (along with water). In case you end up seeing a ghost, you’ll remember it.

What to do post-tour

When your tour ends, don’t just wander off into the night. Take a minute to thank your tour guide for the experience and leave gratuity if you can.

A few kind words can go a long way.

To help others enjoy the tour, leave a review on the company website, Google, or Yelp if the option is available.

And be sure to share any spooky photos or videos you capture on social media or with friends!

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